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Django Extensions versioning a third option follow Django

After my previous post and the many positive reactions I would like to suggest a third option.

I didn't include this before because I wasn't yet sure if it would be a good option. But after some more thinking and reading Christophe31's suggestion which is very similar I think we should look seriously at the option :-)

The idea is that we make Django Extensions follow the Django version numbers closely. This would mean bumping the version number to 1.4.

With this scheme we would commit to the following in Django Extensions:

* Django-Extensions 1.4 is compatible with Django 1.4 and it's deprecation timeline.
* Django-Extensions will deprecate and update code on par with Django.
 (This would help us fix aka remove the tons of legacy/backwards compatibility hacks in the codebase)
* A new version with bumped version number is released as soon as possible after a Django release.

For a user it should be intuitive and clear that you should match the major version numbers of Django-Extensions to whatever version of Django you are using. This also solves questions like what version will support Python-3 or PyPy or deprecates using feature X.

Some details would still need to be worked out... like either use our own patch versions or add a different indicator for differentiating between updates to Django Extensions. For example both of these version numbers could indicate the first update to a Django 1.4 compatible extensions release:

* Django-Extensions 1.4.1
* Django-Extensions 1.4p1

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Posted on September 20, 2012