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Django Extensions 1.0.0

So it finally happened, Django-Extensions 1.0 is out.

After getting a lot of feedback from the community, I decided to call it 1.0.

Discussions about going fully on-par with Django on version numbering was very interesting and the nice thing about a 1.0 release is that we can always do that later. For now having 1.0 is good enough and besides if we would have called it 1.4 now we never would have been able to celebrate the 1.0 release ;)

Please all start testing this release so we can iron out any small issues left as soon as possible.

Some highlights of the changes in this release are:

  • new validate_templates, Checks templates for errors.
  • sqldiff: PostgreSQL HStore support
  • runserver_plus: Django 1.4 WSGI_APPLICATION support
  • runserver_plus: add --print-sql option
  • dumpscript; several improvements
  • shell_plus: added support for ipython notebook
  • shell_plus: added --print-sql option
  • mail_debug: several improvments
  • Using Travis-CI now in combination with GitHub
  • Several fixed for Django 1.4
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Posted on October 22, 2012