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Django Extensions 1.2.0

Django-Extensions version 1.2.0 is out now ! :)


  • More Python 3 support
  • BACKWARDS COMPATIBILITY: Fixes to the UUID field might break backwards compatibility
  • FEATURE: hook in dumpscript to control execution during run_import
  • FEATURE: add --prof-file option to runprofileserver
  • FEATURE: provide configurable way to obtain Keyczar class
  • FEATURE: IPv6 and FQDN address support in runserver_plus
  • FEATURE: runserver_plus setting for default address/port in
  • FEATURE: added trvis status image
  • FIX: JSONField did not allow empty list as default value
  • FIX: support Django 1.5 swappable User model
  • FIX: runserver_plus to serve static files correctly
  • FIX: make spatialite work with reset_db
  • FIX: sqldiff missing varchar size under PostGreSQL
  • FIX: removed fallback uuid module
  • FIX: sqlcreate use client hostname not database server hostname for grant
  • FIX: graphmodels version comparison for 0.36 work around
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Posted on August 25, 2013