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Django Extensions 1.5.1

We are happy to release: Django-Extensions Version 1.5.1

Get it at:

  • New: runserver_plus, add support for --extra-files parameter
  • Fix: Django 1.7 defined MIDDLEWARE_CLASSES for tests
  • Fix: shell_plus, problem when auto-loading modules with empty '__module__' property
  • Improvement: shell_plus, IPython 3.x support for notebooks
  • Improvement: tests, move to py.test and lots of other improvements
  • Improvement: create_app, add migrations folder
  • Improvement: tix.ini, refactored to be more DRY
  • Improvement: runserver_plus, also reload on changes to translation files
  • Improvement: runserver_plus, add reloader_interval support
  • Improvement: create_template_tags, removed unusued command line option
  • Docs: print_user_for_session, add note about SESSION_ENGINE
  • Docs: runserver_plus, added section about IO calls and CPU usage
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Posted on March 9, 2015