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October 17, 2013

Tags: 1.2.3, django, extensions

Django-Extensions version 1.2.3 is out :)

Bringing the usual bug fixes, improvements, etc.

Special this time is that a bunch of extensions that had not seen changes in a long time got some new love. A special thanks for the contributions to SQLDiff and graph_models this time around.

A new version of SYNC_MEDIA_S3 was also merged, now simply called sync_s3. The old version sync_media_s3 still exists but will be deleted around march 2014. Please give the new version a try if your using this ! :)

  • sqldiff support for doing diffs involving many-to-many relations
  • sqldiff support finding missing foreignkey relations
  • sqldiff now supports Table Inheritance
  • graph_models now supports both pygraphviz and pydot
  • graph_models refactored use of django templates so it's easier to change and extend
  • graph_models sort items and make sure primary_key and foreignkeys are always on top
  • graph_models (hopefully) make database relations (primary key and foreignkey) more clear
  • graph_models do not hide foreign keys from attribute list (added option for if you want to hide this)
  • graph_models allow to specify default values in settings file for graph_models command
  • graph_models show inheritance arrows per default
  • shell_plus Added SHELL_PLUS_PRE_IMPORTS and SHELL_PLUS_POST_IMPORTS which allow for including additional import directives before the shell starts.
  • pipchecker now uses more colors if shell supports it
  • runserver_plus add color support to werkzeug server logs
  • jobs add minutely for completeness sake
  • NEW: added indentby templatetag. Useful for text template where indentation matters.
  • BACKWARDS COMPATIBILITY: removed old hacks to be compatible with Django <r9110
  • BACKWARDS COMPATIBILITY: reset_db remove support for Django <1.2
  • FIX: upgraded javascript libraries, mainly jquery and dependencies
  • FIX: runprofileserver support Python 3.3 and Django 1.6
  • FIX: jobs raise JobError when job does not exist
  • FIX: reset_db set default router
  • FIX: autocomplete field Fix unicode error in admin autocomplete field
  • FIX: runscript now uses INSTALLED_APPS instead of get_apps() to discover scripts so it does not depend on apps having a file.
  • FIX: print_user_for_session to support Django 1.5.4 and up
  • FIX: pipchecker handle tar and zip files a bit more gracefully
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