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January 7, 2014

Tags: 1.3.0, django, extensions

We are proud to release: Django-Extensions Version 1.3.0

This brings official Django 1.6 support and the usual tons of fixes and improvements

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  • Feature: SQLDiff much better notnull detection
  • Feature: reset_db add option to explicit set the PostGreSQL owner of the newly created DB
  • Feature: shell_plus added support for MongoEngine
  • Feature: sync_s3 enable syncing to other cloud providers compatible with s3
  • Improvement: ForeignKeyAutocompleteAdmin add option to limit queryset
  • Bugfix: graph_models fix issue with models without primary key
  • Bugfix: graph_models fix UnicodeDecodeError using --verbose-names
  • Bugfix: dumpscript fix problems with date/datetimes by saving them now as ISO8601
  • Docs: many improvements
  • Docs: Chinese translation !!!
  • Python3: various improvements
  • Tests: add Django 1.6
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