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May 1, 2014

Tags: 1.3.4, django, extensions

We are happy to release: Django-Extensions Version 1.3.4

This brings the usual tons of fixes and improvements

Get it at:

  • Feature: Start maintaining a CHANGELOG file in the repository
  • Feature: ActivatorModelManager now has an ActivatorQuerySet
  • Feature: Add a deconstruct() method for future Django 1.7 migration compatibility
  • Feature: show_urls, now support --language for i18n_patterns
  • Feature: show_urls, now shows the decoraters set on a view function
  • Feature: graph_models, now support --include-models to restrict the graph to specified models
  • Feature: print_settings, allow to specify the settings you want to see
  • Improvement: graph_models, use '//' instead of '#' as comment character in dot files
  • Improvement: graph_models, added error message for abstract models without explicit relations
  • Improvement: JSONField, use python's buildin json support by default with fallback on django.utils.simplejson
  • Improvement: PostgreSQLUUIDField, parse value into UUID type before sending it to the database
  • Improvement: Use django.JQuery in autocomplete.js if available
  • Improvement: use "a not in b" instead of "not a in b" in the entire codebase
  • Removed: clean_pyc command since it does not work correctly in many cases
  • Removed: sync_media_s3 command in favor of sync_s3
  • BugFix: syncdata, use pk instead of id for identifying primary key of objects
  • BugFix: sync_s3, use safer content type per default
  • BugFix: export_emails, filtering on groups
  • BugFix: print_user_for_session, use USERNAME_FIELD if defined
  • BugFix: update_permission, fixed TypeError issue
  • BugFix: JSONField, do not coerse a json string into a python list
  • BugFix: import json issue by using absolute imports
  • BugFix: add minimal version number to six (>=1.2)
  • Docs: graph_models, Added some documentation about using dot templates
  • Docs: reset_db, short description on SQL DDL used
  • Docs: Added specific list of supported Python and Django versions
  • Docs: Add link to GoDjango screencast
  • Docs: Add ShortUUIDField to docs
  • Python3: fixes to graph_models and export_emails for Python3 compatibility
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