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September 5, 2014

Tags: 1.4.0, Django, Extensions

We are happy to release: Django-Extensions Version 1.4.0

This brings some fixes for Django 1.7 and a lot of SQLDiff improvements. As well as a shiny new command to help generate files from model definitions.

Get it at:

  • New admin_generator, can generate a file from models
  • Improvement: sqldiff, use the same exit codes as diff uses
  • Improvement: sqldiff, add support for unsigned numeric fields
  • Improvement: sqldiff, add NOT NULL support for MySQL
  • Improvement: sqldiff, add proper AUTO_INCREMENT support for MySQL
  • Improvement: sqldiff, detect tables for which no model exists
  • Improvement: travis.yml, add pypy to tests
  • Fix: sqldiff, fix for mysql misreported field lengths
  • Fix: sqldiff, in PG custom int primary keys would be mistaking for serial
  • Fix: sqldiff, use Django 1.7 db_parameters() for detect check constraints
  • Fix: update_permissions, Django 1.7 support
  • Fix: encrypted fields, fix for Django 1.7 migrations
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