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September 13, 2008

Tags: books, django, japanese, python

Japanese Django book

When looking for English books in a bookstore i came across the programming section of the 8 story book store and i could not resist to take a look and see if i could find any Python or Django books there.

Look at my picture from what i've found here:

Regretfully these where only about two bookshelves worth of Python books. Compare that too one full cabinet of Ruby and Rails books, one cabinet for Perl, a hole alley of Java books, an alley for c and c++ and lastly an alley for php/asp/vb/c# and other some other languages. *I'd even found some scheme, lisp and cobolt books in there :) *

Worthy to note was that the Microsoft languages section was far less in total then i'd expected. While on the other hand a relatively minor language like Ruby had far more. Ofcourse japan is the homeland of Ruby so that might explain it's high number of books ;) (On a site note; probably the only people that could have invented such a syntax horrible language are the Japanese. Of-course I'm purposely forgetting about Perl here)

Anyways i did not want to withhold u guys of these pictures, specially the one from the Django book that has a lovely cover, good layout and lots of examples, i even found a lot of debugging instructions and examples in there.

P.S. The pictures where taking with the build-in camera of the N810 so quality is very poor.

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