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August 20, 2014

Tags: 1.3.11, django, extensions

We are happy to release: Django-Extensions Version 1.3.11

This brings the usual tons of fixes and improvements

Get it at:

  • Improvement: sqldiff, show differences for not managed tables
  • Improvement: show_urls -f aligned, 3 spaces between columns
  • Improvement: reset_db, support mysql options files in reset_db
  • Fix: sqldiff, Fixed bug with --output_text option and notnull-differ text
  • Fix: reset_db, Fix for PostgreSQL databases with dashes, dots, etc in the name
  • Fix: dumpscript, AttributeError for datefields that are None
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July 30, 2014

Tags: 1.3.9, django, extensions

We are happy to release: Django-Extensions Version 1.3.9

This brings the usual tons of fixes and improvements

Get it at:

  • Feature: shell_plus, add --kernel option to start as standalone IPython kernel
  • Feature: reset_db, Programatically determine PostGIS template
  • Feature: sqldiff, add support for PointField and MultiPolygonField
  • Test: renamed test app
  • Fix: runserver_plus, --print-sql for Django 1.7
  • Fix: shell_plus, --print-sql for Django 1.7
  • Fix: show_urls, add support for functions that use functools.partial
  • Fix: show_urls, add formatter for aligned output (will most likely become future default)
  • Fix: shell_plus / notebook, support for Django 1.7
  • Docs: various fixes and improvements
  • Cleanup: Remove work arounds for Django 0.96 and earlier
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June 12, 2014

Tags: 1.3.8, django, extensions

We are happy to release: Django-Extensions Version 1.3.8

This brings the usual tons of fixes and improvements

Get it at:

  • Feature: show_urls, add option to specify dense or verbose output format
  • Improvement: better support for django 1.7 migrations
  • Improvement: better support for django's admin docs
  • BugFix: runjob, job_name and app_name was swapped in error message
  • Docs: Update link to chinese docs
  • Python3: unreferenced_files, fix python3 compatibility
  • Python3: pipchecker, fix python3 compatibility
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May 1, 2014

Tags: 1.3.4, django, extensions

We are happy to release: Django-Extensions Version 1.3.4

This brings the usual tons of fixes and improvements

Get it at:

  • Feature: Start maintaining a CHANGELOG file in the repository
  • Feature: ActivatorModelManager now has an ActivatorQuerySet
  • Feature: Add a deconstruct() method for future Django 1.7 migration compatibility
  • Feature: show_urls, now support --language for i18n_patterns
  • Feature: show_urls, now shows the decoraters set on a view function
  • Feature: graph_models, now support --include-models to restrict the graph to specified models
  • Feature: print_settings, allow to specify the settings you want to see
  • Improvement: graph_models, use '//' instead of '#' as comment character in dot files
  • Improvement: graph_models, added error message for abstract models without explicit relations
  • Improvement: JSONField, use python's buildin json support by default with fallback on django.utils.simplejson
  • Improvement: PostgreSQLUUIDField, parse value into UUID type before sending it to the database
  • Improvement: Use django.JQuery in autocomplete.js if available
  • Improvement: use "a not in b" instead of "not a in b" in the entire codebase
  • Removed: clean_pyc command since it does not work correctly in many cases
  • Removed: sync_media_s3 command in favor of sync_s3
  • BugFix: syncdata, use pk instead of id for identifying primary key of objects
  • BugFix: sync_s3, use safer content type per default
  • BugFix: export_emails, filtering on groups
  • BugFix: print_user_for_session, use USERNAME_FIELD if defined
  • BugFix: update_permission, fixed TypeError issue
  • BugFix: JSONField, do not coerse a json string into a python list
  • BugFix: import json issue by using absolute imports
  • BugFix: add minimal version number to six (>=1.2)
  • Docs: graph_models, Added some documentation about using dot templates
  • Docs: reset_db, short description on SQL DDL used
  • Docs: Added specific list of supported Python and Django versions
  • Docs: Add link to GoDjango screencast
  • Docs: Add ShortUUIDField to docs
  • Python3: fixes to graph_models and export_emails for Python3 compatibility
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January 21, 2014

Tags: 1.3.3, django, extensions

We are proud to release: Django-Extensions Version 1.3.3

This brings the usual tons of fixes and improvements

Get it now:


  • Docs: Made it clearer that Django Extensions requires Django 1.4 or higher
  • Translations: FR Updated
  • Python3: Fix for shell_plus
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January 7, 2014

Tags: 1.3.0, django, extensions

We are proud to release: Django-Extensions Version 1.3.0

This brings official Django 1.6 support and the usual tons of fixes and improvements

Get it now:


  • Feature: SQLDiff much better notnull detection
  • Feature: reset_db add option to explicit set the PostGreSQL owner of the newly created DB
  • Feature: shell_plus added support for MongoEngine
  • Feature: sync_s3 enable syncing to other cloud providers compatible with s3
  • Improvement: ForeignKeyAutocompleteAdmin add option to limit queryset
  • Bugfix: graph_models fix issue with models without primary key
  • Bugfix: graph_models fix UnicodeDecodeError using --verbose-names
  • Bugfix: dumpscript fix problems with date/datetimes by saving them now as ISO8601
  • Docs: many improvements
  • Docs: Chinese translation !!!
  • Python3: various improvements
  • Tests: add Django 1.6
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October 28, 2013

Tags: django, extensions, notnull_differ

Django Extensions SQLDiff command is looking for somebody with MySQL skills to help out.

In the GIT version of Django-Extensions we improved support for detecting NOT NULL changes in database. However this is currently only implemented for SQLite and PostgreSQL. We would like for the MySQL support to not lag behind the other backends.

So are you using MySQL and have 30 mins to an hour to spare ? Then consider helping out and add notnull_differ support for MySQL to SQLDiff :)

Link to get started:

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October 22, 2013

Tags: 1.2.5, django, extensions

Django-Extensions version 1.2.5 is as a bug fix release for 1.2.4.

Fixes two bugs in admin extensions:

  • Fix autocomplete image pixel
  • Fix ForeignKeySearchInput Javascript
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October 19, 2013

Tags: 1.2.4, django, extensions

Django-Extensions version 1.2.4 got released as a bug fix release for 1.2.3.

Turns out I made a small packaging mistake and the new templates for graph_models where not included in the release.

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October 17, 2013

Tags: 1.2.3, django, extensions

Django-Extensions version 1.2.3 is out :)

Bringing the usual bug fixes, improvements, etc.

Special this time is that a bunch of extensions that had not seen changes in a long time got some new love. A special thanks for the contributions to SQLDiff and graph_models this time around.

A new version of SYNC_MEDIA_S3 was also merged, now simply called sync_s3. The old version sync_media_s3 still exists but will be deleted around march 2014. Please give the new version a try if your using this ! :)

  • sqldiff support for doing diffs involving many-to-many relations
  • sqldiff support finding missing foreignkey relations
  • sqldiff now supports Table Inheritance
  • graph_models now supports both pygraphviz and pydot
  • graph_models refactored use of django templates so it's easier to change and extend
  • graph_models sort items and make sure primary_key and foreignkeys are always on top
  • graph_models (hopefully) make database relations (primary key and foreignkey) more clear
  • graph_models do not hide foreign keys from attribute list (added option for if you want to hide this)
  • graph_models allow to specify default values in settings file for graph_models command
  • graph_models show inheritance arrows per default
  • shell_plus Added SHELL_PLUS_PRE_IMPORTS and SHELL_PLUS_POST_IMPORTS which allow for including additional import directives before the shell starts.
  • pipchecker now uses more colors if shell supports it
  • runserver_plus add color support to werkzeug server logs
  • jobs add minutely for completeness sake
  • NEW: added indentby templatetag. Useful for text template where indentation matters.
  • BACKWARDS COMPATIBILITY: removed old hacks to be compatible with Django <r9110
  • BACKWARDS COMPATIBILITY: reset_db remove support for Django <1.2
  • FIX: upgraded javascript libraries, mainly jquery and dependencies
  • FIX: runprofileserver support Python 3.3 and Django 1.6
  • FIX: jobs raise JobError when job does not exist
  • FIX: reset_db set default router
  • FIX: autocomplete field Fix unicode error in admin autocomplete field
  • FIX: runscript now uses INSTALLED_APPS instead of get_apps() to discover scripts so it does not depend on apps having a file.
  • FIX: print_user_for_session to support Django 1.5.4 and up
  • FIX: pipchecker handle tar and zip files a bit more gracefully
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