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October 15, 2008

Tags: japan, kyoto, nikko, vacation

After working for several months here in Japan i finally get the change to go on a vacation. I've planned a short-stay in Nikko where i will stay in a Zen-buddhist's lodge/monastery and see all the different temples and nature around there. Specially in Autumn time it is rumored to be very very beautifully.

When i return from Nikko the plan is to go on to Kyoto / Mt. Fuji area and maybe something south of Tokyo like Kamukara.

In a couple of weeks i hope to be able to put up lots of pictures for you all to say :)

Enjoy your Autumn!!


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September 6, 2008

Tags: japan

Originally the plan was to go and climb Mt. Fuji, but after getting on the train i was swept into this outdoors Electro/House party. I just love how Tokyo does this to you. Regretfully no pictures because it was very dark, so my compact didn't work so well.

This turned out very very well, specially because the weather was terrible and climbing without good gear in this weather would have been terrible. Hopefully i will still get the change somewhere in the coming weeks.

In good Japanese fashion the party was spread out over couple of fields, some with live acts (mostly young espirering artists) and other with DJ's. And lots of little stalls with foods and drinks in between.

Needless to say i really enjoyed myself :-)

Already wondering what the next week will bring...

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