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September 9, 2008

Tags: beginners, japanese, study

Nothing beats your first official Japanese lesson they must have thought ;-)

Well it was very amusing to say the least. I just started practicing Hiragana less then a week ago and my self-study-lessons date back from before 2004. The fun things is that i clearly remember some things from the self-study i did way back, specially in the form of a passive (very incomplete) mind-dictionary. I remember a lot of the simple words and it all came back to me fairly quickly during this first lesson.

However that's not to say that this is going to be easy :( Now i have a big text and workbook on my desk which i have to study in besides working in the lab if i want to have any change of learning some basic Japanese.

So which me luck guys and girls :)

One thing is for sure, if the rest of the lessons will be this amusing i will have a great time studying Japanese :)

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