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September 19, 2008

Tags: admin, django, tabbed, tabs

A while ago i was playing with the excellent pinax (django-hotclub) project and i felt like the admin index page was kind-of overwhelming due to all the different apps listed in it.

So i put a simple app together that has one template tag and a slight modification of the "admin/index.html" template to create simple tabs in the django admin interface.

To minimize my effort ;-) i used jquery and ui.tabs.js to create the tabs at runtime. With one mandatory tab called "main" (changeable in, which contains all apps not mapped to a specific tab, and an attribute in settings called "ADMIN_TABS" that maps different apps to different tabs.

It's still more-or-less a proof-of-concept applicatio, but it shows how easy these kinds of modifications can be in the django admin interface.


Mercurial repository


I would like to extend this to something like shown in the Gondola screencast by Peter Baumgartner at a later time where a specific tab can also short-cut to common usage patterns.

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